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How to get the most from your skin routine.

Have fun with your products.

Find products that are chemically free and naturally strengthen the skin, unquestionably. For instance, 
minimizing wrinklesage spots, texture, moisture levels, and acne. Symptoms such as these may be 
naturally reduced with effective plant-based skin care.
Have fun and combine your products with various lines of skin care. MJ Esthetics blends well with other brands, as do many natural skincare brandsThe products you like may vary from brand to brand, and you don’t have to just use one brand.
For the most common skincare routine, you will certainly need face cleansermoisturizerand sunscreen.
I  enjoy adding exfoliators, masks, treatment serumstoners, and even eye creams to other products. 
In additionit is crucial to visit your esthetician on regular basis.  suggest microdermabrasion, 
dermaplaning, and HydraFacial treatments.

Cleansing twice a day is best, but once a day is definitely necessary.

It’s all about getting in and sticking with schedule! You have to wash your face and moisturize it 2 times a day if you wear make-up, also if you don’t wear make-up, you’ll still get the best results with this. Cleanse the skin for 2 minutes, and then throw your moisturizer on. 
  • Cleansing: serves to decongest the skin. It limits breakouts and eliminates pollution of the face.
  • Moisturizing: returns hydration to the skin and balances the acid mantle. All skin types need moisturizers to create an environment where your skin thrives. Moreover, moisturizers can help reduce fine lines, bad texture, and acne.
  • Exfoliation: eliminates dead skin cells. It helps to improve the turnover rate of cells, which decreases signs of aging. In addition, it improves clogged pores, increases product penetration, and brightens the skin.
  • Serums: By placing critical ingredients into your routine through serums, you give your skin a treat. Serums go beyond moisturizing because they are formulated for particular effects such as hyperpigmentation, acne, texture, and collagen. Serums are a treatment that you should wear under your moisturizer.  Check out my  serumswhich are plant-based and CBD-infused!
  • Toners: shift the pH of the skin after cleansing. They assist with product penetration, and hydration and some are intended for particular skin goals such as redness reducing, clarifying, hydrating, and more.

Routines turned into rituals.

Love your skin the routine and make it ritual in which you take pleasure. When we find happiness in such little things, it makes life easier. In particular, caring for ourselves.


Taking images is perfect way to see the effects of your routine and to appreciate how it works. Show those before and afters off!

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