CBD Dosing Guide

CBD Dosing Guide

CBD Dosing Guide

CBD Dosing Guide: Finding the Right Amount for You

Understanding CBD Dosing

Every body is different and the feedback is in: CBD remains active in the body for 3-4 hours. A suggested amount portioned throughout the day is a health-fighting holistic approach; morning, noon, and night is recommended. It’s essential to find out which milligram dosage and timing work best for you.

How to Take CBD

CBD is best absorbed when placed under the tongue for quick action. Alternatively, you can add it to a beverage for slower absorption.

Average Milligrams of CBD Per Day

  • Nausea: 10-400+ mg CBD
  • Anxiety/Stress: 10-400+ mg CBD
  • Depression: 10-400+ mg CBD
  • Migraines: 45-600+ mg CBD
  • Spasms: 75-600+ mg CBD
  • Pain: 75-600+ mg CBD
  • Wellness: 10-600+ mg CBD

Note: CBD contains an enzyme that is also abundant in grapefruit.

CBD Dosing Guide 

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