THC free CBD hemp oil drops

local. Organic. THC free.

Our line contains a variety of hemp CBD products because CBD boasts high in nourishing, anti-inflammatory properties. We keep our products 100% THC free so that none of our products are impairing. However, we also use a variety of plant ingredients. Subsequently, the quality of the ingredients we use makes a difference in how the product performs. Always blending all of our products by hand, never buying our components pre-mixed.

Customer reviews

I love this lip balm! I keep orange in my purse and lavender on my nightstand. helps keep my lips moisturized and feeling good!

kellie mo

These CBD drops are amazing. They’ve helped my sleep and anxiety. I sincerely appreciate that Jessica knows so much about CBD and focuses on sourcing high quality, fair trade, organic materials for her products.

emily waddell

I had been using a more main-stream cbd cream and it was helping, but just two weeks into this jar and the difference is obvious! THIS is what I’d been looking for all those years. I’ve also been applying to this to my very dry overwashed hands and it’s more effective than anything marketed for dry skin or chapping. (Soft) Hands down.

jamey hale