CBD Ageless Serum

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Collagen boosting and age defying plants packed into a bottle is exactly what this is. It is organic, cold pressed, and a natural face treatment.

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This CBD face serum is designed to reduce the signs of aging. It helps diminish fine lines and age spots, and also provides light moisture. If you want the best thing your face has ever had, we recommend adding it into your routine. Wearing alone or layering with other moisturizers, this CBD face serum has 3 main benefits.

Firstly, it helps decrease fine lines by chemically exfoliating the skin which improves the Cell Renewal Rate. Despite that there are actually no chemicals used, it naturally exfoliates. How? With a a blend of herbs that we cold infuse into moringa and pumpkin seed oil.

Secondly, the fatty acids content help improve collagen production which reduces fine lines. The oils that we cold infused into take a particular hand in this benefit.

Lastly, also our CBD serum lightens the skin by diminishing age spots through it’s potent antioxidants from CBD. CBD itself has one of the highest antioxidant levels, and we use it in high doses to benefit.

Why choose CBD infused skin care

When used in skincare, CBD offers several benefits for combating and preventing and treating the signs of aging. CBD contains extremely high amounts of antioxidants, therefor offering the skin the following:

  • Naturally reduces inflammation and redness
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and bad texture
  • Counteracts free radical damage
  • Improves the signs of firmness and elasticity
  • Gives a youthful glow
  • Manages oil production for dry skin or oily skin
  • Pain soothing

Organic, Fair trade, GMO free, and THC free ingredients

Organic ingredients: Pumpkin seed & moringa oil infused with hemp derived CBD, chaga & reishi mushroom, yarrow, lavender, ginger root, willow bark, chamomile & calendula with an essential oil blend to support anti-aging

Where it’s from

Our CBD products are small batch made in the cute town of Bellingham, Washington. Certainly, we like to keep our ingredients as local as possible too. I source my ingredients from local businesses ranging from Whatcom county all the way down to Eugene, Oregon. Specifically from Mountain Rose Herbs and Living Earth Herbs.  Lastly, I am a master esthetician and uniquely, I specialize in infusing cannabinoids. Not only does this allow for me to make a product that is safe, it also makes my products consistent and effective.

Useful tips for apply our CBD Serum

Apply with the pads of clean fingers to a clean face, massaging into the skin in a circular motion. For best result this serum should be used 2 times a day. What’s more, we love combining this with our CBD Clay Mask, which can be used as a simple face cleanser too. So we cleanse with the mask, then apply our oil to moisturize.

Additional information

Weight .32 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in

1 review for CBD Ageless Serum

  1. Ruby

    After a long summer of sun (and one sunburn) my skin needed to be rejuvenated. This delightful serum did the trick, and smells amazing to boot! Will definitely order more when this precious bottle is gone!

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