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Good Morning Sunshine: Awake + Energy

Organic Ingredients:MCT coconut oil infused with hemp derived CBD isolate, holy basil, rhodiola, yerba mate, schisandra and an essential oil blend to support awakeness.

Head Over Heals: Grounding + Headache

Organic Ingredients:MCT coconut oil infused with hemp derived CBD isolate, lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, valerian, passion flower, willow bark and an essential oil blend to support headache relief.

High Roller: Anti-inflammatory + Pain

Organic Ingredients:MCT coconut oil infused with hemp derived CBD isolate, arnica, plantain, willow bark, magnesium and an essential oil blend to support pain relief.

Pillow Talk: Sleep + Rest

Organic Ingredients:MCT coconut oil infused with hemp derived CBD isolate, hops, chamomile, passion flower, valarian, ginger root and an essential oil blend to support good sleep.

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Hemp CBD pain rollerball infused with essential oils and herbs. Certainly, making them the best CBD rollerball for pain on the market! Working with hemp derived CBD isolate, we load our rollerball sticks with high levels of anti-inflammatories. Therefore, a pain relieving CBD topical that works immediately. They fight specific ailments with different botanicals. Application is an ease with our pain relieving, pain stick style topical that just rolls on. Try it today, because you can’t go wrong with this CBD roll on stick for pain.

When relieving pain topically with our hemp CBD rollerball, they work fast and to the point. The skin absorbs the CBD topical quickly when applied, and no worries as all of our products are natural and 100% THC free.

Sourcing our ingredients locally, MJ Esthetics takes pride in offering fair trade and organic products. As a result, the quality of our products in stands out above all. There is a clear difference in good quality products, and ours CBD pain rollerball do just that.

Diving into my CBD rollerballs and the benefits of each:

I like to start my day with my Good Morning Sunshine. I apply it to my temples and chest after jumping out of the shower and before running out the door. It is an herbal blend that support awakeness and energy. Our go to hemp roll on stick for taking the pain down and helping us wake up around our home

Head Over Heals CBD roll on stick is grounding and helps reduce headaches. I find it helpful to roll on the nape of the neck and the temples, along with the bridge of the nose. The blend of herbs and essential oils, along with anti-inflammatory CBD help heal the ailment.

When heading to bed and in pain, I reach for my CBD Pillow Talk rollerball. I love applying it to the soles of clean feet and my back and chest. Helping relax and calm the mind, this hemp roll on stick helps promote a good nights sleep.

High Roller is a pure, anti-inflammatory CBD rollerball made to reduce pain. I apply it to any places I am sore! Working instantly to give pain relief, this roller take pain down to a level that gets you through the day.

Additional information

Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × 2 in
Roller Ailment

Good Morning Sunshine, Head Over Heals, High Roller, Pillow Talk

2 reviews for skINFUZED Rollerballs

  1. Kellie Mo (verified owner)

    I use the high roller and personally I just love the smell and can not get enough of it. It reminds me of Christmas almost. I put it behind my ears and on my chest in the morning and before bed.

  2. Jackie

    Skinfuzed rollerballs are a must for everyone who loves phenomenal products. The anti-inflammatory has worked magic on my constant elbow pain limiting swelling and pain. Im not sure what I would do without it.

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