Basic Skincare Duo


This duo skincare set works for all skin types and is perfect for a simple skincare routine.

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Our Basic CBD Skincare Duo combines our most sought-after facial moisturizer with our clay cleanser for a healthy glow. This duo fights acne, redness, and lousy texture while decreasing fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Basic Skincare made from plants is how it works.

Why the skin likes our basic CBD skincare Duo 

The CBD Clay Cleansing Mask is perfect for all skin types. It detoxes the skin by absorbing the bacteria, removes dead skin cells with gentle exfoliation, and fights free radicals with antioxidants which reduce redness, aging, lousy texture, and acne.

We recommend starting with about half of a tablespoon of clay in a bowl or your hand. Add drops of water to the clay and blend it until it is a smooth paste. Apply the clay paste to your face with the pads of your fingers. From here you can either use it as a cleansing exfoliator by going in little circles with it for 2-4 minutes and wash it off. Or, the other option is to apply it as a mask to a freshly cleansed face, let dry for 10-15 minutes, and wash it off. Follow this skin treatment with our Moisturizer Serum for the best results. The Clay Mask is recommended for:

  • Acne
  • Redness
  • Dull Skin
  • Texture
  • Fine Lines
  • Product Penetration
  • Counteracts free-radicals

CBD Moisturizer Serum creates a perfect environment for the face. An environment where healthy skin thrives, creating the perfect acid mantle for the skin. For instance, this serum balances the skin’s sebum levels and balances moisture.  This CBD Moisturizer Serum is designed for all skincare routines, including sensitive ones.

We make our CBD Moisturizer with organic oils of argan, rosehip, almond, and hazelnut. We infuse this blend with a high dose of pesticide-free CBD and organic essential oils. Subsequently, this makes our CBD Moisturizer Serum contain high levels of:

  • antioxidants
  • vitamins
  • fatty acids
  • anti-inflammatories


Clay Cleansing Mask organic ingredients: Bentonite, fuller earth, and french green clay infused with hemp-derived CBD isolate.

Moisturizer Serum organic ingredients: Oils of argan, rosehip seed, hazelnut, sweet almond, hemp-derived CBD isolate, essential oils of lavender, ylang-ylang, geranium & yarrow


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