CBD Hemp Education 101

Paradise found in Homeostasis

Natural Rhythms of life

Homeostasis, the biological balance of the natural rhythms of life and our bodies, has a deep impact on our mental, physical, and emotional health. Attaining homeostasis in life, pun intended, is truly a balancing act. Finding and maintaining equilibrium in the midst of a lava flow of stress can seem like climbing mountains. However, when you reach the peak and look out over the sun setting, painting the sky with brilliant lavender and glorious orange, it feels like you’ve found paradise.

Reaching these heights is helped by the body’s endocannabinoid system. CBD works in unison with the receptors in our bodies, allowing our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to support and regulate mood, appetite, immune system, sleep cycles, and anxiety levels. This helps us achieve proper levels of health and mental clarity. CBD, derived from phytocannabinoids naturally occurring in hemp plants, can help us hit this sweet spot. 

The rush of sensation we get from zipping down a hill on our bikes, the wind in our hair, and the sunshine on our face comes in part from endocannabinoids. ECS brings us to that place, creating and maintaining healthy homeostasis for our bodies. Think of it as a hammock on a beach, gently swaying as we listen to our favorite song. Equilibrium brings a sense of calm to our bodies and minds. To accomplish our goal of reaching paradise, we need to follow the ABC’s:

Awareness: Gain knowledge of the way homeostasis affects our bodies and lives. The condition of equilibrium presents a quandary, as it is a resistance to change in its very definition. Embrace this resistance and persevere. Only then are we on a true path to creating the healthiest version of ourselves, emotionally and physically. CBD helps our bodies reach this level by working in unison with our ECS.  

Bargaining: Be prepared to negotiate with your inner resistance to change. We must learn to accept it, survive, and thrive! Just as a marathon runner pushes their body toward a faster time, pushing past their physical limits, utilizing inner strength to overcome the pain and turn it into performance, in life, we must conquer fears, doubts to take on the daily challenges of change. 

Consistency: Embarking on a journey of change also requires stability. We must be mentally stable to adapt without losing all measures of comfort. Building a strong foundation is key to weathering the storm! CBD provides that structure for our bodies and brains to take on life in a calm, balanced way. Achieving that base level of homeostasis provides stability during the uproar of change. 

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