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Welcome to MJ Esthetics, the top rated hemp CBD skin care company that you probably haven’t heard about yet. We’ve got the CBD based pain relief and skin products you’ve been longing for your whole life. Amazingly, we manage to keep it at a price that’s still affordable to you. It’s only fair. We’re also organic, locally sourced, and fair trade-which is even fairer. Scroll on through to find your new favorite thing. You’ll be glad you did because quality matters around here. Choose form our wide selection of CBD pain relief, oil and skin care, including topicals and hemp oil drops.


MJ Esthetics is founded and owned by myself, Jessica Mills. I am a single mom of two, tiny house enthusiast, a master esthetician, manicurist and now an owner of an organic skin and body care company.

Having a love for helping others and sustainable living, I decided to enter the organic wellness market. With my experience in medical cannabis, along with my education in skin care and my pre-existing skin care line, I was able to combine them to create the ultimate product. Designing an entire line that has a high concentration of CBD for a variety of skin and body care needs.

Our line

Our line contains a variety of hemp CBD products, because CBD boasts high in nourishing, anti-inflammatory properties.  We keep our products 100% THC free so that none of our products are impairing. However, we also use a variety of plant ingredients. Subsequently, the quality of the ingredients we use makes a difference in how the product performs. Hand blending all of our products by hand, none of our ingredients are bought pre-mixed. Certainly, we like to get our hands dirty and stay busy!

    • Organic
    • Fair Trade
    • GMO Free
    • Hemp Derived CBD (cannabidiol)
    • THC Free
    • Hand Made in Bellingham, WA with local ingredients

Our CBD products are small batch made in the cute town of Bellingham, Washington. Certainly, we like to keep our ingredients as local as possible too. I source my ingredients from local businesses ranging from Whatcom county all the way down to Eugene, Oregon. Specifically from Mountain Rose Herbs and Living Earth Herbs.  Lastly, I am a master esthetician and uniquely, I specialize in infusing cannabinoids. Not only does this allow for me to make a product that is safe, it also makes my products consistent and effective.

CBD in Facial Care

CBD is an option given to us by nature that balances the skin by working with the cell function. Encouraging homeostasis, a balance which improves the health of the skin. CBD when used as facial care helps us age healthy with its high antioxidant content! It helps reduce the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and age spots. As well, CBD helps reduce redness and control oil production to heal blemishes.

Our facial line is made with a variety of precious plant oils and infusions that then is blended with high doses of CBD. It is the combination of both that give our customers the effective results they get.

Here at MJ Esthetics, skin care is our forte, as I am a master esthetician. With our sought after plant based line, we offer masks, moisturizers, cleansers and serums.

Our CBD Topicals

However, beyond our forte, CBD pain relief is our specialty! Creating products that give real relief, through safe and effective methods. Natural pain relief is easy with our CBD oil, and pain topicals; such as salves, liniment, and CBD bath bombs.

We don’t just infuse a plain lotion for our topicals, of course we hand blend them like mentioned above. Infusing all of them with a concentrated blend of anti-inflammatory herbs. This is what I tell customers when they as why our topicals work so well.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

We take pride in our line and in our customer service. Taking our time to make sure all customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase. It is not about just selling around here, we want happy customers and that is just how we do it with our top rated CBD skin care. 

Thank you for shopping!