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About MJ Esthetics


Welcome to MJ Esthetics, a CBD skin and body care spa . I have  CBD based pain relief and skin products you’ve been longing for your whole life. Amazingly, I manage to keep it at a price that’s still affordable to you. It’s only fair. I am also organic, locally sourced, and fair trade-which is even fairer. Scroll on through to find your new favorite thing. You’ll be glad you did because of quality matters around here. Please choose from my wide selection of CBD pain relief, oil, and skincare, including topicals and hemp oil drops.

Visit my shop and treatment room located in the cute town of Bellingham, WA. You will find me in downtown Fairhaven in Finnegans Alley.


MJ Esthetics is founded and owned by myself, Jessica Mills. I am a single mom of two, a tiny house enthusiast, a master esthetician, a manicurist, and now an owner of an organic skin and body care company.

Having a love for helping others and sustainable living, I decided to enter the organic wellness market. With my medical cannabis experience and my education in skin care, and my pre-existing skin care line, I combined them to create the ultimate product. I designed an entire line with a high concentration of CBD for various skin and body care needs.

My line

My line contains a variety of hemp CBD products because CBD boasts high in nourishing, anti-inflammatory properties. I keep all of your products 100% THC free so that none of my products impair you. However, I also use a variety of plant ingredients in all of my products. Subsequently, the quality of the ingredients I use makes a difference in how your product performs. Always blending all of your products by hand, never buying pre-mixed  components. Indeed, I like to get my hands dirty and stay busy!

    • Organic
    • Fair Trade
    • GMO-Free
    • Hemp-Derived CBD (cannabidiol)
    • THC Free
    • Hand Made in Bellingham, WA with local ingredients

Satisfaction Guarantee 

I take pride in My line and my customer service. Taking my time to make sure all my customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase. It is not about just selling around here; I want happy customers, which is how I like it.

Thank you for shopping!