Holiday CBD Topicals

Our holiday line is filled with pain relieving blends that take you, and your body into the midst of the cozy season.


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Our Holiday CBD Topicals with winter-inspired essential oils lets the senses slip into the seasonal spirit. It is like rubbing the holidays onto you that then linger. They are pain-relieving CBD topicals infused with anti-inflammatory plants such as arnica and dandelion. With a moisturizing base of raw shea butter and olive oil, one can also use our pain salves as an all-over body moisturizer for deep skin hydration.

Peppermint Candy, Spiced Chai, Frosted Pine, and Gingerbread added 4 new blends to our line. Purchase the entire Holiday CBD Collection together, or you can buy each salve and lip balm separately. The salves are available in the 500mg CBD and the lip balms in 100mg.

Peppermint Candy Salve

To make our sugared peppermint, we blended vanilla, peppermint, orange, and spearmint essential oils. The sweet, candied smell is hard to resist, along with its aromatherapy benefits.

Spiced Chai Salve

We blend essential oils that smell like a warm cup of chai. This blend of nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and wild orange smells so good; people wonder where your cup of chai is hiding.

Frosted Pine Salve 

Pine, wintergreen, and lemongrass essential oils create our blend of frosted pine. It is like stepping into the snowy forest for the senses, smelling like pine on a cold wintry day.

Ginger Bread Lip Balm 

Due to its sweet, gingery blend and buttery application, its perfect for the winter months. Our lip balms, made with raw shea butter, olive oil, and essential oils, are among our most popular items. They work quickly to calm and hydrate the lips.


**Our Holiday CBD Topicals are only for a limited time and only while stock lasts. They will go fast, so make sure your body gets a little bit before they’re gone.

What Everyone Loves About Our Lip Balm

100mg of CBD in our lip balm makes it one of the most potent on the market. Our balm is chock-full of CBD antioxidants to nourish the lips. Also, it has anti-inflammatories properties that make it a perfect option for extreme conditions and harsh elements. Not to mention that its made with the best organic, raw shea butter on the market.

Ingredients in our lip balm

Organic ingredients: Raw shea butter, olive oil, 100mg hemp-derived CBD isolate, beeswax, and essential oil blend Size .15oz

The rave about our CBD Infused Pain Salve

Why Our Salves Works So Well

We infuse our CBD pain salves with arnica, plantain, dandelion, willow bark, reishi mushrooms, magnesium, and lots of CBD. Subsequently, this blend gives fast and noticeable pain relief. We offer a quality satisfaction guarantee because we know our salves work well.

Best way to use our CBD Pain Salve

The salves go on topically, are designed to relieve inflammation, and serve a multitude of uses. For instance, in addition to reducing discomfort, someone may use them for ingrown hairs, aftershave care, insect bites, sunburn, scars, skin irritation, and dry skin. I even get the response that it is used for an all-over body moisturizer because it is so good, it enhances how the skin looks.

For inflammation relief, a little goes a long way. Still, we say indulge and apply a thin layer of our CBD pain topicals to the desired area. There is usually a noticeable difference in pain relief within minutes of application. We recommend applying 1-3 times daily for best results.

Salve Ingredients

Our CBD pain salves’ base is olive oil infused with various herbs and 500mg CBD, then blended with one of the best shea butter on the market.

Organic Ingredients: Olive oil infused with 500mg hemp-derived CBD isolate, arnica, willow bark, plantain, dandelion, magnesium and reishi mushroom, raw shea butter, and WA beeswax and essential oils Size 1.7oz (50ml)

Additional information

Infused With

Frosted Pine, Gingerbread, Holiday Topical Collection, Peppermint Candy, Spiced Chai


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