Frosted Pine CBD Pain Salve

Pine and wintergreen essential oils are blended to give you grounding aromatherapy this holiday season while relieving inflammation.


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With my signature recipe of herbs, CBD, and shea butter, the Frosted Pine is back for the Season! A blend of pine, wintergreen, and 500mg CBD livens the senses while grounding the body while providing natural pain relief.

My customers find relief from arthritis, sore and pulled muscles, tension, injuries, restless legs, cramps, and growing pains. Even, rashes, eczema, bug bites, aftershave, diaper rash, and much more.

I infuse our CBD pain relief salves with arnica, plantain, dandelion, willow bark, reishi mushrooms, and magnesium. We go beyond just our high dose of CBD with other herbs. To clarify, our pain salves combine a wide variety of plant-based anti-inflammatories that work together to give you fast relief. I offer a full satisfaction guarantee.

100% THC FREE so it’s safe for everyone of all ages.


Best way to use

A little goes a long way, but we say indulge and apply a thin layer of CBD pain salve to reduce inflammation. There is usually a noticeable difference in pain relief within minutes of application. I recommend applying to desired location 1-3 times daily for best results.


CBD Pain Salve Ingredients

The base of our CBD pain relief salves is olive oil infused with a variety of herbs and CBD and then blended with one of the best shea butter on the market.

Organic Ingredients: Olive oil infused with hemp-derived CBD isolate, arnica, willow bark, plantain, dandelion, magnesium, reishi mushroom, raw shea butter, WA beeswax, and essential oils(cardamom, sweet orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger)

1.7oz, 500mg hemp CB


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