Charcoal Face Scrub


Just a swipe of our charcoal facial scrub brings manual exfoliation into play. Increasing cell turn over that can reduce the signs of aging while allowing for better product penetration of the skin and detoxing of the pores. Filled with micro pumice stone granules and bentonite clay for a scrub that will not cut or nick the skin and essential oils of lemon grass and lime to help brighten and tone.


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Made in Bellingham, WA in small batches with organic ingredients that are GMO free, fairly sourced and cruelty free. Created by a licensed skin care professional with organic hemp derived CBD isolate.

How-to tips: Gently massage the face in little circles after adding water to a finger swipes worth of the scrub. Rinse off with a face cloth you do not mind staining. Follow with a regular cleanser if you have left over residue, then always continue with a high antioxidant filled moisturizer, like our Moisturizer Serum. This charcoal scrub is made to be used as a treatment, do not use more than 3x a week as the skin can suffer from over exfoliation.

Organic ingredients:  Activated charcoal, fullers earth clay, oils of tamanu & hazelnut, pumice granules, rice granules, hemp derived CBD isolate, black african soap, essential oils of lime & lemon grass.


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