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CBD Pain Salves

Finally, a CBD salve that works fast to give relief. This pain relieving topical goes on just like a lotion, then is absorbed into the skin. It works quickly through a high dosing of CBD and a variety of other plant based anti-inflammatories.

Pick your aromatherapy smell

  • Enchantments, a woodsy blend of cedar and pine that is grounding and stress relieving
  • Ylang Ylang, a sweet floral hint that is a mood-enhancing aphrodisiac
  • Sweet Orange+ Grapefruit, a citrus blend that is uplifting and awakening
  • Peppermint+ Eucalyptus, a spicy blend that is clearing and relieving
  • Lavender+ Sage, a calming and relaxing blend
  • Plain, perfect for sensitive skin, including eczema and does not contain essential oils or beeswax (so gentle and non-pore clogging that it can double as an anti-inflammatory night cream for the face)



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We infuse our CBD pain salves with arnica, plantain, dandelion, willowbark, reishi mushrooms, and magnesium. We go beyond just our high dose of CBD and take a whole lot of healing earth with us in our pain relief topicals.  To clarify, our pain salves combine a wide variety of plant based anti-inflammatories that work together to give you fast relief. We know our salves work, so we offer a quality satisfaction is guarantee.

Best way to use our CBD Pain Salves

A little goes a long way, but we say indulge and apply a thin layer of our CBD pain topicals to the area you wish to reduce inflammation. There is usually a noticeable difference of pain relief within minutes of application. We recommend applying to desired area 1-3 times daily for best results.


The base of our CBD pain salves is olive oil infused with the variety of herbs and CBD. Then blended with one of the best shea butters on the market.

Organic Ingredients: Olive oil infused with  hemp derived CBD isolate, arnica, willowbark, plantain, dandielion, magnesium and reishi mushroom, raw shea butter, (our Plain salve doesn’t contain the following two and is vegan) WA beeswax and essential oils

Small: 1.7oz, 500mg hemp CBD
Large: 4oz, 1000mg hemp CBD

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Cannabinoids for anti-inflammatory use


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Infused With

Enchantments, Lavender Sage, Orange Grapefruit, Peppermint Eucalyptus, Plain, Ylang Ylang


1.7oz, 4 oz

5 reviews for CBD Pain Salves

  1. Kim (verified owner)

    I love the the Plain CBD Pain Salve – I went through my first large jar and completely scraped the sides and bottom clean since I waited to long to reorder (I also love a product in which you can use every last bit of it). It is the only thing that I can use with my eczema – maybe TMI – but its in my ears and another rather delicate area -its the only thing I am comfortable putting in my ears – it needs to be completely natural, organic and healing! (If you suffer from eczema anywhere then you know what I mean). It is the only thing that really calms it down-nothing like a total itch in your ear in the middle of an important meeting when all you want to do is stick your finger in your ear and scratch….this totally keeps it calmed -I use it daily with a bit on a Qtip after showering. Totally stumbled on this product/line at a local farmers market in Seattle. So glad I did! (I absolutely love the facial cleanser -I’m on my 3rd bottle!) and just started using the ageless serum.

  2. Emily

    I love the pain salve! I use it for period cramps & pelvic floor pain and it is very helpful! I love the smell of the eucalyptus peppermint too!

  3. george stone (verified owner)

    I have a back problem so much so I had to have a fusion done. When i overdo it can get painful I use the salve and it gives me relief. I haven’t used nsaids in months

  4. Kim

    I herniated a disc in my neck and since treatment to relieve herniation I still get nerve pain in my neck, arm and hand. This slave relieve that pain and other random muscle pains. Lavender And Safe is my fave!

  5. Jamey Hale (verified owner)

    I’ve been dealing with progressing abdominal adhesions, exacerbating a plethora of food sensitivities and awful menstrual pain for about two decades. I had been using a more main-stream cbd cream and it was helping, but just two weeks into this jar and the difference is obvious! THIS is what I’d been looking for all those years. I’ve also been applying to this to my very dry overwashed hands and it’s more effective than anything marketed for dry skin or chapping. (Soft) Hands down.

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