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CBD in skin care, is that really a thing?

CBD eye cream organic

When I decided to infuse CBD into my pre-existing, plant based skin care line, the benefits just seemed perfect.

CBD started catching my eye with its anti-inflammatory properties. The research showing that it could help reduce redness, inflammation, calm the skin, and possibly help with signs of rosacea; as an esthetician, it hit me hard and I couldn’t let this info go to waste!

Then I dug into the fact that CBD contains extremely high antioxidant levels. If you’re unfamiliar with what high antioxidants do, they: reduce signs of aging; such as fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, and hyper-pigmentation; it also nourishes the cells.

On top of fighting aging and redness, CBD also works to balance the sebum levels in the skin, thus helping with acne and blemishes. For the skin care industry, this is a great alternative to harsh acne lines.

So the benefits of CBD are there, but the other ingredients are just as crucial in having an effective skin care line. You can’t take CBD and infuse it into low quality ingredients and expect a high quality product. They go hand in hand! Luckily I already had an effective skin care line that would mesh perfectly with the added benefits of CBD. I did just that and the results that followed were even better than predicted.

I ended up with an even more effective skin care line, one that gives results and pretty quickly. Building a following with, as I say “skin care junkies,” and those looking for natural skin care products that work. And I “yyasss” in joy of what I offer and created.

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