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CBD is an antioxidant that should be blended with good skin care.​

When it comes to our skin, we all want to stay young! Being able to access that skin we had in our early 20’s that was so full of life. The times if we skipped a night of cleansing it was like it never happened. Skin we felt good being in without makeup.

Those days we long for are not gone! Yes our skin may never be exactly the same, but to improve texture while reducing the signs of aging and blemishes that is what I am talking about. A steady routine with organic, quality botanicals gives visible results and takes our skin back a few years to that suppleness we long for. 

What happens though if we combine our steady skin care regimen with hemp derived CBD (cannabidiol)? I was always so curious as I have a passion and background for both. My take on it is that skin would react quicker and be more nourished, giving an extra umph on the routine and results. Allowing CBD receptors in the skin to receive a boost and function more adequately to improve visible signs of the skin.  I am going to let the studies talk now as we dig into CBD and skin care a little more.

One thing about CBD is it’s antioxidant levels, having powerhouse levels that could put in other whole foods to shame, possibly even an option to replace other antioxidants in the future. CBD is blatantly  heavily chocked full.

Just to step off for anyone who may not know exactly why we need antioxidants. Our bodies need to perform healthy functions and fight of free radicals that cause oxidative stress.

It all goes back to nature! Where we all came from and just like in history, natural options is what ruled the world of beauty.